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The association « Musique à Euronat » has been created in 2020 with the aim of promoting musical activities at Euronat:

- Facilitating meetings between musicians and singers on holiday and offering rehearsal rooms enabling them to play during their stay.

- Bringing musicians and music lovers together during the summer season by offering musical evenings within the Atelier Musique (music workshop), concerts or lectures...

Project 2024

Musicians and music lovers
The aim is to bring together musicians and singers who wish to see the activities of the Atelier Musique be pursued. For decades these musical evenings have made Euronat a unique location given the diversity of its summer events and activities.

The Atelier Musique evenings
In order to make sure that the musical evenings – which are freely open to all – can be continued in the best conditions, they take place in the conference room of the Thalasso which has already proved to be an ideal venue.

New equipment
After the purchase, in 2021, of a new piano installed in the Thalasso room, it is planned to acquire various equipment in order to further improve the organization of the evening: desks, lighting, microphones, mixing table, etc. 

How you can help us in this project

- Online with HelloAsso:

- By transfering a donation to our bank account: IBAN - RIB


The Atelier Musique

As part of the summer activities organized by the Euronat Centre, the Atelier Musique welcomes holidaymakers wishing to make music, sing or play an instrument, alone or in a group.
A rehearsal room with a piano is available. The activity leader will set a schedule according to availability.
Musicians meet to play together twice a week in the Thalasso room for musical evenings which are freely open to all.
There is one formal concert every summer in the Salle Polyvalente.

You will find all the information about the Atelier Musique in the annual programme of activities, on the billboards in the centre and at the Information Kiosk.

Upcoming events

- Beginning of June: Opening of the rehearsal room.

- Tuesdays and Fridays at 9 pm from July 5th: Musical evenings of the Atelier at the Thalasso.

-Tuesday  July 23rd: Concert in the Salle Polyvalente.

Association Musique à Euronat
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